Contact me if you are interested in joining my group, including for an undergraduate summer project


Matteo Bonato (PhD Padova 2015)

Graduate Students:

Eric Roebuck (5th year, Tufts)

Andrea Silva-Bustamante (4th year, Tufts)

Jesse Jedrusiak (2nd year, Tufts)

Undergraduate Students:

Julia Fowler (Tufts, class of 2016)

Jed McKinney (Tufts, class of 2017)

Past Students:

Noah Kurinsky (Tufts University, class of 2013, currently a graduate student at Stanford)

Anna Pancoast (Haverford College, class of 2009, currently an Einstein Fellow at the CfA)

Daniel Lange-Vagle (Tufts)

Natalie Salk (Tufts)

Daniel Norman (Tufts)

Rajarshi Chatterji (Tufts)

Joseph Farrah (Medford High School)