Talloires, France
Sep 2 - 5, 2009

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Flying into Geneva

Talloires is best reached by flying into Geneva, Switzerland. The Geneva airport is served by many airlines.

Directions by Bus from Geneva

There is a bus line that offers a limited schedule directly from the Geneva Airport, a less limited schedule from the Central Geneva Train Station (called Cornavin) and a more frequent schedule from the Geneva Bus Station (just a few blocks down from the Central Geneva Train Station). All buses go directly to the Annecy Bus/Train station.

You can buy the ticket (~ 11 EUROS) for this bus right outside the arrival exit in the Swiss side of the airport and take the first exit on your left to go to the bus stops. You can ask for directions at the information desk.

 You can find some information about this at the airport website at:


or directly from the bus company at:

Tel. in Geneva: +41 (0)22 732 02 30
Tel. in Annecy: +33 (0)450 45 73 90

check in particular:





Once at Annecy you can take the Crolard Bus to go to Talloires. The details of the bus company can be found at:

Tel. in Annecy: +33 (0)450 45 0812

in particular you can look at the schedules at:


The buses drop people off at the Talloires Ecole and from there it is just a short walk down towards the lake to the hotels and restaurants of the village.




In addition, SNCF has direct buses from Geneva to Annecy. These leave from Eaux-Vives station and take a little over an hour. For more information see


Directions by Car from Geneva airport

·        When you leave the airport, you should go to the right hand lane and follow the signs for FRANCE. 

·        Go all the way down to the end of the street – until you can go no further. Stay in the middle lane.

·        At the light make a LEFT hand turn and keep to the right/outside lane so that you can take the first quick right hand turn, following the signs for France. This turn will put you onto the Swiss Highway. 

·        Follow the Swiss highway all the way until you get to the Bardonnex border area where you will go through the Swiss area and then the French area. If you are going back into France, they will not check you for the Swiss highway vignette/sticker.

·        Once through the border, go straight – following the BLUE (Péage) Highway  signs to Annecy. This is the A40 Highway.

·        You will come to a row of tollbooths where you will take a ticket. Make sure to go to a booth with a green arrow as the others are for FastPass holders. From the toll booth it is another 7 kilometers to our exit, exit 17 – ANNECY NORD.

·        Continue towards Annecy but BE VERY CAREFUL because there is a camera radar just before  the Annecy Nord exit!!!!!

·        Take the Annecy Nord exit, pay the toll and then follow the green signs to Annecy. The first is a quick right and then the  second is through a rotary where you will go almost all the way around before you get to the Annecy exit.

·        You will move onto a highway like road where you must move all the way to the left hand lane. Stay on the left and follow the signs to Annecy le Vieux.

·        At the second light, move to the left hand turning lane and turn left. This puts you onto Avenue de la Plaine

·        Follow Avenue de la Plaine through two lights till you come to a big rotary. Go in the rotary and go ¾ of the way around to Avenue Gambetta. (Look for the sign indicating Le Lac/the Lake  or the Imperial Casino.

·        Avenue Gambetta will curve to the right a bit and become Avenue de France but you will continue all the way down until you can go no further.

·        Here you will come to a light where you will make a LEFT hand turn onto the main road that goes around the lake. Follow the road and the road signs for Talloires until you get to TALLOIRES.

·        Enter Talloires and follow the signs to the central parking lot. Once you are in the parking lot, the European Center is on the exact opposite side of the lot from where you entered.

Flying into Paris

From the Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly airports, travel to the downtown train station (Gare de Lyon). There is a TGV (train à  grande vitesse — rapid train) that leaves the Gare de Lyon station for Annecy several times daily. The trip takes three hours and forty minutes. The one-way train costs approximately $60-100 per person. You must make reservations for the TGV. These can be made in the U.S., at World Travel Partners or any travel agency, if you make them at least two weeks before you travel by TGV, or they can be made in France on shorter notice.

Once at the Annecy train station, take the Voyages Crolard bus to Talloires (look above for details)

Flying into Lyon

Talloires can also be reached by flying into Lyon, France. The Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is just under two hours from Talloires. The Lyon Airport is served  by Delta and Air France and boasts a direct flight from New York City. Both bus and train service link the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport to Annecy.


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