Jocelyn told us this story today, November 15, 2004, while looking at Winnie the Pooh:

Once upon a time Pooh and Piglet went to the store and bought a cookie. Then they got back in the car and went to another store, a Chinese. Then Piglet picked something up off the floor. Then Pooh and Piglet found Rabbit and Owl. They went into Owl's house and climbed up a tree. They saw hundreds of animals and Pooh reached a bottle of honey and he did it with Piglet. Then Owl [unintelligible] And Pooh put Piglet over his head and then Christopher Robin hopped and went into the deep forest and listened to the sound of birds and they went cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep. And Pooh reached the bell and opened the door and then he rode [unintelligible] Pooh, Owl, and Piglet went into Eeyore's house and they had a tookie and then they went back to the car and back to the Chinese store and then they went out to pick flowers and then they saw Owl walking. Piglet put Pooh's jar over his head. Then they saw Owl walking. Then they went into Christopher Robin's house and then they went back in the car. They went to more stores.