Jocelyn and Perry Olum at 24 months

Jocelyn weighs 30.6 lb. (90th percentile). Her recumbent length was 34.5" (70th percentile) and standing she measured 33" (36th percentile), which shows how inaccurate these measurements are. Perry weighs 36.2 lb. (percentile 99.1) and measures 35.5 (80th percentile) lying down and 34.5" (63rd percentile) standing up.

Jocelyn and Perry have been very healthy. They have had occasional colds and a few stomach upsets, but recently they have been in excellent health.

They eat everything, but not necessarily what we put in front of them on any given day. Their favorite food is uncooked tofu with soy sauce, and sometimes we have to restrict them from eating it for three meals a day.

They go to sleep typically between 10 and 11 p.m. and wake up between 7 and 8:30 a.m. They nap usually around an hour and a half at about 1 p.m., but Perry seems to be moving toward giving up his nap and sometimes sleeps only half an hour or doesn't go to sleep until 3 or 4.

Jocelyn and Perry can walk and run easily, although they fall often when running. Jocelyn can go up and down stairs without holding on. She can climb over a low childproofing fence, but doesn't show a great deal of inclination to do so. She is generally cautious and does not often fall when climbing. We think they could climb out of cribs if they tried and so have stopped using them.

Jocelyn can drink from a glass without spilling. Perry can too if he tries, but he's not very good as paying attention to what he's doing. He also sometimes dumps out the drink on purpose.

They have both tried to ride a tricycle with some success. Neither quite understands the relationship between pushing on the pedals and the vehicle moving.

Jocelyn can swim with water wings or front-and-back flotation. She seems comfortable in the water and can go wherever she chooses. She doesn't know to avoid breathing the water, but is not particularly alarmed when she ends up coughing and spluttering. She will happily jump into the water if there is someone there. Taking her hand as she jumps and not really doing anything is sufficient.

Perry likes to walk in the water, especially holding onto the dock, but after some initial interest has decided he doesn't like floating (with a life preserver or in someone's arms).

We estimate by sampling from a word list that Jocelyn has roughly 1000 words in her speaking vocabulary. Perry's is harder to estimate because so much of his speech consists of repeating lines from poems and books, but his vocabulary is also quite large. Jocelyn's communication skills are excellent, and she can construct complex sentences with several subordinate clauses and so on. Perry's language is also very good, but his communication skills are not quite so good. Both Perry and Jocelyn know their first and last names, Judy's and Ken's names, and that they live in Sharon, Massachusetts.

We read often and they enjoy everything from books with one word per page to things at the level of One Morning in Maine. Sometimes in the car (where there's not much else to do) they will listen to stories from the original Winnie the Pooh.

Perry has memorized hundreds of books. He recites them with great enthusiasm, sometimes while holding the book in front of him and turning in circles.

Jocelyn likes to draw. She can draw circles and squiggly lines and some angular figures. She often describes what she has drawn as a snake or cow or something, but we think she is deciding that afterward, rather than trying to draw a particular thing.

Perry likes to play the piano. He sits on the piano bench, opens a music book, and proceeds to play, mostly one note at a time in no particular sequence.

Jocelyn and Perry are happy the great majority of the time. Jocelyn gets very angry when she can't have things the way she wants and screams for awhile, but she gets over it and goes back to being happy. Perry is terribly upset by certain things in books, but we have no idea what things they are. All we know is that he will collapse into tears if certain books or certain pages are read where he is.

There is a certain degree of interaction between Jocelyn and Perry. She often addresses him, although rarely the reverse. Sometimes she tries to help out her parents by telling Perry that he should do something or another that we have been trying to get him to do.

Perry is very attached to Judy and nearly always prefers her over anyone else. Jocelyn is close to Ken and sometimes prefers him over Judy.

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