Jocelyn and Perry Olum at 10 months

The Babies at Ten Months (and a little):

The most important difference in the twins' development now compared to, say, two months ago is their ability to interact with their environment in self-sufficient ways. They can hold and chew (or gum) pieces of food, from half a rice-cake or a rice cracker to an Oatio or an apple slice. They can find and identify pieces of rice-cake or cracker on the floor and eat them. They can hold and drink from a sippy cup without assistance if the cup is full enough (they don't understand about holding it high and tipping their heads back).

They can pick up handfuls of cooked rice or falafel off their high chair tray and get most of it in their mouths. They can take a loaded spoon and put it in their mouths. They don't need food to be pureed any more.

We're pretty sure they are making the ASL sign for nursing (well, milk actually, but we use it for nursing).

They wave hello and goodbye. Jocelyn can push buttons on toys, to make a noise happen or a top go around

Jocelyn can crawl and has taken as many as two steps in a self-balanced standing position. Both babies can pull themselves to their feet using a person's leg or part of a piece of furniture. Both can stand unsupported for more than just a second. Both babies can go from a sitting position to a crawling position and back. Jocelyn will follow a beloved adult from one room to another. Both babies seem to understand "up baby?" and "down baby?" and will stop fussing and hold arms appropriately when the right question is asked.

Jocelyn seems to have some idea of what "that's not for babies" means, and will desist in her attempt to secure a forbidden object. Both babies seem to understand that when you take them out of the car in a strange place something interesting is going to happen and they wriggle and squeal in anticipation. Jocelyn is more interested in a toy that her brother has than one which is ignored and has to be forcibly prevented from taking Perry's toy away from him. Today, while she was playing with the Ernie doll (it has a snap and a zipper and a button, etc.), Perry got hold of one of the legs and tried to pull it to him. Jocelyn pulled hard enough to break Perry's grip and then crawled a little distance away, dragging the doll with her. That's not going to work very much longer, but it was effective at the time.

They still wake often in the night but usually don't need any more than patting back to sleep, or occasionally carrying around, until around 4:30AM, when they want nursing. They almost always go back to sleep for another hour or hour and a half afterwards and then wake happy and willing to eat bananas and tofu and cereal for breakfast. They get really anxious for their nursing around 8:30.

Jocelyn is likely to cry bitterly whenever any adult she knows leaves the room. She is especially unhappy to be separated from Judy, and fusses if Judy so much as stands up or changes seats. We've improved Judy's situation by getting a wireless internet connection so Judy can sit on the floor with babies and still use her laptop without any wires.

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