IR SED templates for z~0.3-3 starbursts and obscured quasars

These templates are derived in Sajina et al. 2012, ApJ, 757,13 ADS link

Please cite the above in any publication that makes use of these templates.

Sample selection

A number of programs, the largest of which is by our own group, involve Spitzer IRS spectra of 24um-bright sources in the Spitzer xFLS. We combine our IRS data with archival data to construct an xFLS "IRS supersample" of 191 sources. The criteria for this supersample are: 1) to be located in the inner 2.7sq.deg. of the xFLS; 2) to have a 24um flux of F24>0.9mJy; and 3) to have a Vega R magnitude of R>=20. The bulk of the IRS sample comes from our Spitzer GO2 program (see Dasyra+'09 for details), followed by our Spitzer GO1 sources (Yan+'07 & Sajina+'07). An additional 17 sources from several different programs including PID\#20128 (PI Lagache), PID\#30447 (PI Fazio), and PID\#20542 (PI Borys) as well as Weedman06,lacy07_letter,ams08 also meet our selection criteria. Combined, these samples constitute a `supersample' of 212, of which, 191 have redshifts. Here, we only consider the sources with redshifts.

Mid- to far-IR data

In addition to the IRS spectra themselves, these sources have coverage with Spitzer's IRAC3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8.0um Lacy+'05 as well as MIPS24um, MIPS70um, and MIPS160um Frayer+'06. These are archival xFLS data supplemented with targetted MIPS70um photometry. Recently, the Herschel HerMES legacy survey released their data of the xFLS region. Their PACS observations are far too shallow for our purposes; however, greater than 60% of our sources are detected in the SPIRE 250um image. All SPIRE bands are used in the construction of these templates. Roughly 40 sources have 1.2mm (IRAM) coverage Lutz+'05 although the fraction of those with detections is small. One source has a SCUBA 850um detection Frayer+'04.

Radio data

The radio data come from the VLA 1.4GHz catalog of the FLS Condon+'03, and the GMRT 610MHz catalog of Garn+'07


  • AGN low-tau-- AGN fraction >50%, and tau9.7<1
  • AGN high-tau -- AGN fraction >50%, and tau9.7>1
  • Starbursts -- AGN fraction <20% and EW7.7>0.9um
  • Starbursts-A -- AGN fraction <20% and EW7.7<0.9um
  • Composites -- AGN fraction 20-50%
  • To get these templates follow the links: AGN template (low tau), AGN template (high tau), Starburst (high EW7.7) template, Starburst-A (low EW7.7) template, Composite template