Alexander Vilenkin

Director, Institute of Cosmology, and
L. and J. Bernstein Professor of Evolutionary Science

Office: Room 304C, 574 Boston Avenue
Telephone: 617-627-3147
Email: vilenkin (at

Research Interests

Cosmic inflation, dark energy, cosmic strings and monopoles, quantum cosmology, high-energy cosmic rays, the multiverse, and anthropic selection.


A complete list of my publications can be found on the SLAC SPIRES archive.

With E. Paul S. Shellard I wrote a monograph, Cosmic Strings and Other Topological Defects (Cambridge University Press, 2000).

Popular Science

I am also the author of the popular book, Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes (Hill and Wang, 2007), which has been reviewed by American Scientist (MS Word), the College Publisher Network (MS Word), Nature (pdf), New Scientist (MS Word), and Physics Today (pdf), among others.
Here is is my popular talk about cosmic inflation and the multiverse, and here is an article on the same subject.