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Unless otherwise noted, all email addresses are @cosmos.phy.tufts.edu.
   Faculty and
Larry Ford,  email: ford
Mark Hertzberg,  email: Mark.Hertzberg (at tufts.edu)
Ken Olum,  email: kdo
McCullen Sandora,  email: McCullen.Sandora (at tufts.edu)
Delia Schwartz-Perlov,  email: dperlov
Alex Vilenkin,  email: vilenkin
Masaki Yamada,  email: Masaki.Yamada (at tufts.edu)
   Affiliates: Jose Juan Blanco-Pillado (University of the Basque Country),  email: jose
Arvind Borde  (Long Island University),  email: borde
Jaume Garriga  (Universitat de Barcelona),  email: garriga
Alan Guth  (MIT),  email: guth (at ctp.mit.edu)
Thomas Roman  (Central Connecticut State University),  email: roman (at ccsu.edu)
Louis Clavelli  (University of Alabama),  email: lclavell (at ua.edu) or louis.clavelli (at tufts.edu)
Jeremy Wachter,  email: Jeremy.Wachter (at tufts.edu)
Heling Deng,  email: Heling.Deng (at tufts.edu)
Haiyun Huang,  email: Haiyun.Huang (at tufts.edu)
Mudit Jain,  email: Mudit.Jain (at tufts.edu)
Enrico Schiappacasse   Enrico.Schiappacasse (at tufts.edu)
   Administration: Gayle Grant,  email: gayle.grant (at tufts.edu)