Boston Area Physics Calendar

Posting notices

The Boston Area Physics Calendar is sent out each week on Thursday evening or Friday morning from September through May by e-mail. Each calendar contains listings for the week beginning the following Monday. To be included in the calendar, listings must be received by noon on Thursday.

To send announcements for inclusion in the calendar, send them by e-mail to

Please try to get your listing in on time, but if you have missed the deadline, or if you have a last-minute correction or cancellation, e-mail Your notice will go out directly to all the subscribers.

Listing format

Please send your listing in this format to make it easy for the person who is making the calendar.
Time of day
Date in this format: weekday, month day, year
(Lecture series if any)
Location or Zoom info
Speaker, speaker's affiliation
(Optional URL for more info)

Please note the following:

There is an archive of previous calendars, notices, and other postings. Or click here for archives before Fall 2003.

Receiving the calendar

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If you subscribe to the bapc list, please do not use a vacation auto-reply program unless you configure it to respond only to messages sent to you, not those sent to mailing lists that you are on. Otherwise I get a notice every time something is sent to the list when you are on vacation. Email me for advice on how to configure such programs.

BAPC maintainers

The preparation of the Boston Area Physics Calendar is done on a rotating basis. You can always reach the person in charge by sending to Currently it is Gayle Grant at Tufts.

Click here for the rotation of schools.

The mailing list and web pages are maintained by Ken Olum,